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Fixed Income / Capital Markets

Sustainable Investing


Global Bond Fund

Blue Ocean is a specialist  investment management advisory company, offering its client(s) liquid exposure to trading alpha in liquid corporate issues, convertible bonds, sovereign debt, high yield, EMG, MENA  and the Sukuk market.  Our investment universe encompasses AAA to B- rated securities in primarily $, €, £ and Yen markets.  Our focus is on AA- to BB- rated paper with a global reach.

We have recently expanded our approach to include the Asset Backed Securities ("ABS") market, with particular emphasis in consumer / esoteric assets.  We specialize in containers/aircraft/subprime auto/rental car/rail-car and some whole businesses, such as major franchises in the consumer sector.  This is not as liquid as our involvement in the credit markets, but we take a longer view with this strategy.

Blue Ocean takes a bottom up approach on identifying investments for its client portfolios.  Investments are also selected based on their anticipated liquidity. As the manager, we are mindful that the mismatch of investment liquidity with funding is one of the greatest risks in managing an alternative credit  strategy. As a result, we rigorously examine and test secondary liquidity for all of the sectors where we are involved.  We strive to ensure that all of  the holdings in our portfolio can be liquidated with minor to no impact on NAV within five (5) days and target 90% liquidation within 48 hours. A strict adherence to risk management protocols is at the heart of everything that we do.  We monitor the secondary trading levels on all of our positions continuously and maintain strict stop loss limits on each individual position and each individual portfolio. 


Blue Ocean is supportive of Sustainable Investing and we believe that incorporating ESG factors (Environmental, Social and Governance) into our fundamental analysis of companies will over time generate excess return.  Recent research strongly supports the case that companies which lead the market in ESG policies are forward thinking, well managed and transparent.  Ultimately this has led to significant out-performance of these companies’ stock prices  versus their peers. 






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